Wills and Estate Law

Clients frequently ask the attorneys in the firm of Stennett, Wilkinson & Peden to assist them in drafting wills and codicils to govern disposition of their estates.  Clients often ask attorneys in the firm to represent them in probating the wills of deceased family members in the Chancery Courts of the state.  This area of practice also involves assisting clients in establishing conservatorships or guardianships.



James A. Peden, Jr
James A. Peden, Jr., known to his friends and colleagues by the nickname of "Jeep", has been practicing law as a member of the Mississippi Bar for more than 48 years. Jeep has spent his entire professional career with the firm now known as Stennett, Wilkinson & Peden.
Gene A. Wilkinson
Member of Mississippi Bar 1959 - 2018.