Our Firm

Our firm has a mission of providing professional legal services to our clients in a manner that is thorough, prompt, personal, and tailored to the individual needs of the clients. The firm is focused upon being a dynamic and respected part of the legal community in the Jackson Metropolitan Area. The firm’s attorneys are active in professional, community, and charitable activities. The firm looks forward to continuing to serve clients requesting its professional services in the years to come.

Gene A. Wilkinson
Gene A. Wilkinson is the Chief Executive Officer of the law firm of Stennett, Wilkinson & Peden, a Professional Association. In addition to practicing law, he manages and oversees the firm's business activities.
James A. Peden, JR.
James A. Peden, Jr., known to his friends and colleagues by the nickname of "Jeep", has been practicing law as a member of the Mississippi Bar for more than 46 years. Jeep has spent his entire professiona career with the firm now known as Stennett, Wilkinson & Peden.